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A Rant About Moffat

One of my many problems with Moffat is The Doctor’s inconsistency. The whole purpose of him is to inspire us to be better people, to show that there’s always a solution in any circumstance. And yet he hypnotised Humanity against their will into committing genocide against a species that’s been here in their own right, just because he thinks it’s wrong for some reason even though all they’ve ever done is exist the only way they can (I recall you to the Gelth). That’s why the 50th special didn’t really have a meaningful ending, since the Eleventh Doctor’s victory was probably forgotten the next day when he probably went and blew up some other planet for no good reason. Instead, he’s just become the same typical sci-fi hero who uses violence as the easy fix, tongues his companions because he can (including Rory) despite considering himself a Father figure, making actually quite sexist jokes about women driving the TARDIS, touching them inappropriately (but not before asking their husband), causing them genuine physical pain because he’s above his own emotions being damaged, sees lying a legit way of avoiding honesty or responsibility (such as only telling Amy she’s pregnant at the last minute even though he’s figured it out and took her to the Ganger factory to test his own theory by manipulating her behaviour and trust in him), stalking someone for literally their entire life just because he’s infatuated with you (and then turns-up uninvited to your house and won’t go away), comparing alien suns to the size of his dick(s?) - especially by misuse of one’s screwdriver - keeping River locked in prison for a crime she didn’t really commit and could break her out but her rather use the opportunity to find other women to stalk, wiping someone’s mind because he has that power and hangs with Churchill and Nixon. The Doctor’s one of my role models, but the Eleventh Doctor isn’t. I actually do hate Moffat so fucking much and it’s because of things like this. I could actually, literally do a better job at show-running than he tries to. Everything’s always about his ego and making the most important contribution to the mythology, but that’s not how it works. God help us Capaldi doesn’t pack it in after one series just because he disagrees with scripts. ‘Cause if he does I’m gonna be so fucking mad. They should give the show to me for even just one series and I’d do a better job than he did in four. It’s so irritating. The Eleventh Doctor is the worst thing to happen to this show since the Sixth Doctor tried to strangle Peri.

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